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Specialized in Super-Precision Urea Solution
ECO Urea BlueTec Premium AdBlue®


We are BlueTec who manufactures and sells the high purity urea solution by low temperature solution’s Triuret refinement production mode.

Having our specialization being recognized, we have ‘petroleum management center’s catalyzer test’ approved and ISO certification acquired in the country, while we have car catalyzer urea solution certified in the foreign country, doing the import not only in the country but also in the foreign country.

Always being loyal to the principle and producing the best quality’s high purity urea solution, we promise to become the company that will provide the client with the best value.

Certification & Patent


  • 2018. 10 : Grand Prize of 2018’ Korea’s Value Management
  • 2018. 08 : Selected by the customer as the year’s brand grand prize(Chosun Ilbo)
  • 2017. 07 : Launched the urea solution self injecting device
  • 2017. 06 : Established Haman Factory (the 2nd Haman Factory)
  • 2016. 09 : Completed the low temperature stirring Triuret removal technology equipment (Nonsan Factory # 1)
  • 2014. 06 : Established BlueTec Corporation
  • 2014. 05 : Concluded supply contract of English ECOUREA company’s agent [AUS32,AUS40shipment]
  • 2013. 11 : Research development of low temperature stirring triuret removal
  • 2013. 05 : Exported AUS32 to Vladi Vostok
  • 2012. 10 : Sold Urea solution and developed injector



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