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High purity urea solution of BlueTec


High Purity Urea Solution of BlueTec 

Owing to triuret, existing urea solutions tend to cause various troubles including blocking or accuracy of injectors. To remove such troubles, BlueTec is manufacturing high purity urea solution by using a triuret refinement method based on cold dissolution with its own particular expertise. 

Issues of existing urea solutions 

Necessity of high purity urea solution 

- Issues on quality

Turbidity issue at low temperature owing to triuret

○ Scales generated owing to heavy metals

○ Customer complaints, turbidity issues at gas stations

- Issues on filters and injectors 

Crystallization of triuret

Insoluble materials

 Generation of scales

 NOx, location of injectors

 Deposition of urea solution owing to temperature difference of exhaust gas (low-speed vehicles), the Korea Automotive Technology Institute

- Issues on SCR

 Triuret > Salts of cyanuric acid

 Carboxylic acid of aldehyde + ammonia = ammonium salt

 Metallic ions + CO2 = Metallic ions (Deteriorate reduction function of metal-coated SCR catalyzer)

Present customer complaints on urea solutions 

Blocking phenomena caused by heavy metals and triuret 

- Induce cost of replacing filters for urea solutions

- Deteriorate diesel engine output and fuel efficiency

- Induce cost of replacing SCR catalyzer

- Back pressure → Damage to diesel engines

- Cleaning and replacing injectors